Studio Re-imagine

The St. Lawrence River adjacent to Pointe-St-Charles, one early spring morning 2017. The Walk in the Water / Marcher sur les eaux project, in development, explores the political ecologies of this shoreline, one of the few in Montreal that is inaccessible to the public: an underloved site with an unfortunate environmental history and legacy that this project aims to engage.

Studio Re-imagine is the locus of the research and research-creation for the projects of my Concordia University Research Chair in Socially Engaged Art and Public Pedagogies (Tier 2) – 2016-2021. Via this initiative, my collaborators and I are generating and assessing the impact of artworks that take up pressing social themes: environmental justice; the demand for peace in a time of great social conflict and unprecedented human migrations; and the longing for home and belonging, with specific reference to the downtown neighbourhood adjacent to Concordia University. As we re-imagine our world through art, what impact can that have?

Our projects are developed both in the studio and in collaboration with communities and cultural institutions. The Peace Kite (2016), seen in the image to the left, was created with 40 participants and graduate students for Nuit Blanche at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and flown on Mount Royal to celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21. (MA students BJ McCarville and Jacob Le Gallais are shown here.)

Further information can be found on the Studio Re-imagine website and Facebook page.