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[Stitching & Appliqué Squares Artwork] A visual artist, writer, and teacher, I have multiple interwoven strands of professional engagement with the world.

My contract projects include advocacy, research, education, and policy initiatives in arts, culture, broadcasting, and education, as well as creative work in television production.

My personal artistic and scholarly work explores thematics such as identity and belonging; memory, storytelling, and the cultural artefact; and spirit of place. These coalesce in questions of 'home' and 'the city', with mapping practices a favoured mode of inquiry. I also explore artmaking as a form of research — in particular, collage as an interdisciplinary research method — and the nature of interdisciplinarity itself.

A dog lover, I am intrigued by the nature of human-animal connections from ethical, relational, and aesthetic perspectives. These I explore in my creative and scholarly work, inspired by my life with my standard poodles, first Auggie and now Baloo.

[Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

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